Our Team

The company is led by experts in clinical development and toxicology. 

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Kumar Sripathirathan, Founder 

Scientific Team

Our consultant team comprises of –

Dr. Seth Finklestein (CEO of Stemetix, Clinical expert)

Dr. Khedkar (Computational expert, CEO Chembio Discovery)

Dr. Ankala (Medicinal Chemistry expert)

Dr. Sarmiere (In vitro Assay expert)

Dr. Ray Colburn (Drug Development expert)

Dr. Huang (Stroke Animal Model expert)

Dr. Rajaram (Physician – Clinical expert)

Dr. Awasthi (Animal Model/Imaging Core expert)

Business Development

Mr. Justin Biggs, Consultant, Executive Business Development


Ms. Vanmathy Vasudevan, (Information Technology & Operations)